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ISO Audit

ISO auditing refers to the process of evaluating an organization’s compliance with ISO standards and the effectiveness of its management systems. The purpose of ISO auditing is to assess whether the organization’s processes, policies, and procedures align with the requirements of the relevant ISO standard and to identify areas for improvement.

At A&A Consultants, we provide two main types of ISO audits to our clients:

  • Internal Audits
  • External Audits (2nd Party/Supplier Audits, 3rd Party/Certification body Audits)
ISO Audit

Our ISO auditing process typically involves the following steps:

  • Planning: Define the scope and objectives of the audit, develop an audit plan, and select the auditors.
  • Preparation: Review the organization’s management system documentation, procedures, and processes to gain an understanding of its operations.
  • On-site Audit: Conduct the audit by interviewing personnel, observing processes, and reviewing documentation. The auditors assess compliance with the ISO standard’s requirements.
  • Reporting: Document the audit findings, including non-conformities and areas of improvement.
  • Follow-up: If any non-conformities are identified, the organization is required to take corrective actions to address the issues and improve its management system. In the case of external audits, the certification body may conduct follow-up visits to verify that corrective actions have been implemented.

ISO auditing is a critical process for organizations seeking to achieve and maintain ISO certification. It helps organizations identify opportunities for improvement, enhance their management systems, and demonstrate compliance with international standards. Through regular auditing, organizations can continually monitor and improve their performance, ensuring the effective implementation of ISO standards and the delivery of high-quality products or services.

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